Ocean Nuggets: Something to Think about


(1).God is preparing you for something new, but you have got to let go of some of those old things that are hindering you.

(2).We MUST trust that no matter how devastating or heartbreaking a moment in our life is, God is still in control.

(3).The world doesn’t have a clue as to what accountability is, don’t let their ignorance towards it stop you from making them accountable.

(4).Don’t be so quick to say “you wish what they had” for you don’t know what they had to sacrifice to get it.

(5).Don’t settle for less than nothing all because you want to be in a relationship, for it will only bring you heaps of coal.

(6).If you don’t have time to spend time with God on daily basis; you are attaching yourself away from the vine.

I hope these words in some how minister to you. And if you would like to add one or a few to this please feel free to do so.





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