The Treasures of A MAN’s Heart

Luke 12:34 says” For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

An eager, anxious pursuit of the things of this world, even necessary things, will damage our hearts to become fixed upon the things of this world. If we value the beauty of holiness, we shall not crave the luxuries of life. Let us then examine whether we belong to Christ.


Each one of us have treasures we seek after luxuries of this world.

New Car, Higher Salaries, Prestige, Status Quote, New Attire, New House

The more we see the more we want, we do things to get what we have set our hearts upon, doesn’t matter who we step on or who we manipulate, we just got to have it. And all awhile we are letting greed inject us with its deadly poison vipers slowly killing or morals and values.

We tell ourselves that we haven’t soled out from God’s truth but truth be told we have, it’s so easy to say we aren’t compromising God’s word but you did, because when that issue arrived you looked at what you don’t have with your physical eyes and neglected to see through your faith in God to supply your ever need, so you ended up baiting the hook of the enemy. Only to find out the treasure you thought was a treasure only turned out to be a façade, empty promises leaving you and I feeling ashamed.

Jesus knows how a mans heart is, and He knows that we desire these things, but what God wants you and I to know is that we can’t make these things that the world offers becomes our heart treasure. And sadly we all have made something or someone our treasures, God will not take second place in our lives. Had you ever given any thought that the reason  you don’t have what you want is because God knows that it will destroy you? I rather have God say no to me then to give me what I ask for that will destroy me and my relationship with Him.

I know some of the things we see in the world we want but before you say yes to it, examine your heart first, what are your motives for wanting it?

Have a Blessed Saturday.


4 thoughts on “The Treasures of A MAN’s Heart

    1. thank you..when I wrote this post this morning I had no idea that I was peaching to myself. It wasn’t until after I published it that I re-read it to myself that I realized just how much this post was about me.

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