How Predictable Are You?

According to Webster’s  it’s a behaving or occurring in a way that is expected.  The characters were very stereotyped and extremely predictable.


  • We are so predictable that our friends can set their watch by us. How sad is that? Are we really that predictable? I believe in some areas of our lives we are.
  • For instance, when faced with certain decisions we seem to stick with what works.
  • We may not try different foods,
  • Always dine at the same restaurant
  • Destinations to the same vacation spot
  • Always wear the same style of clothing same hair style

The list goes on and on and I guess it’s because we become so comfortable with the way we have set things into motion that we don’t want to upset nothing. But did you know that is not healthy? It’s time to break that cycle and try new things. You would be so amazed at what you are missing in life. It’s a whole new world that you haven’t even begun to tap into.

How about you start tapping into trying new things today and get that label of being predictable off of you.


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