Thanksgiving Day: From My House to Yours

Greetings to you my extended family and friends, tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day there is allot that I can talk about as well as you can. Many of us will be sharing about what we are thankful for, and we all have a lot to be thankful for. But I want to challenge you to do something else; I want you to give.


Yes, counting what we are thankful for is easy but giving is also apart of Thanksgiving, it’s during this season that many people don’t have nothing and it’s a little hard for them to find a reason to be thankful. As you are out and about shopping stop and give to someone who is less fortunate than you. Believe me when you give the miracle came to the receiver and the giver’s heart is merry.

Thanksgiving Day is not a day of sales and black-Friday latest bargains! Thanksgiving is a day of thanking God for what we have it’s about the Joy of the Lord in the hearts of man. It’s about sharing the gospel with others. It’s about giving to others like God gave His only Son Jesus for us all.

I know many of you have Facebook and you will be sharing your photos. I am placing my Facebook link here so that you can share your photos with me. And I can share my photos with you.

Have a Blessed Happy Thanksgiving Day and may God’s peace and joy be upon you this holiday season. In Jesus name I pray.

My Facebook Page: Facebook



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