How can we expect God to heal what we are not willing to face?

Jeremiah 8:22 Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has not the health of the daughter of my people been restored?” 

How can we expect God to heal what we are not willing to face? We all have experienced pain, disappointments and suffering. We come to God with those burdens and sores; and some times we can’t even talk about it because it’s to difficult to mention.

thK2IY9R87We have suppressed all those memories that we aren’t even sure where they are  anymore, because we have built such a fence around our pain that we won’t even let God Himself in.

No one really wants to live like that, because that is not living at all. We read about the stories in the bible how God and Jesus raised people up from ashes we see how Jesus healed the hurting and raised dead men from the grave.

Our friends and family testify of how the Lord worked in their lives. And yet you keep asking yourself “why haven’t He worked things out for you”? Well, my friend the answer is this, how can you expect God to heal what you are not willing to face? In other words when the Lord goes to fix things in our lives the first thing He want us to do is to face what that element is.

We must be ready to face what we are afraid of in order to be free from it! Maybe you are experiencing something in your life that you want God to handle and you’re wondering when will He? God is asking you when will you face it? We serve an AWESOME GOD who loves us so much that HE holds out His hand waiting for us to grab ahold of it, and He walks right along outside.

If we never face it we will have the same mentality that the Israelites had when they left Egypt, although they were delivered as a slave from Pharoah they still had that slave mindset. Because they kept complaining to Moses how they thought that they lived better in Pharaoh’s house then for them being in the wilderness. Mind was still captive because they didn’t face what they feared.



6 thoughts on “How can we expect God to heal what we are not willing to face?

  1. So timely a word, especially as we enter the holiday season. Allowing God to peel, reveal & HEAL our hurts (some we may not even know about) is vital for the FUllness of Life HE longs we enjoy. Bless you, Friend!!

    1. I never lookec at this devition as a timely word for the New Year. Thank you for stopping by I hope you visit again. God bless you and have an amazing day today.

      1. I’m already following yours. Come check out my inspirational blog. Blessings, Emma

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