What you Tolerate You Are!!!!

“Tolerate” and I started thinking about it. Why do we tolerate with some things? Think about it, you and I have heard almost all our lives that we should learn to tolerate some things. I can bear with one another their burdens but when I pondered on this word I want to take it a step deeper this morning, if you guys don’t mind.

thNW1UXJ78I don’t think nor believe that you and I should tolerate our emotions so often our heart tells us to do a thing and we know it’s the right thing to do but because we may not feel like doing something we give into our emotions and we miss out on the blessing. Our circumstances smacks us in the face and tries to tell us that we can’t succeed in life, or that we aren’t going to come out of this alive. No I don’t believe we should be tolerating those emotions of feelings of guilt and shame.

We need to stand face to face with whatever is speaking to us that is negative and say, No, you had me the last time and I listen to your thoughts, but today I am telling you there is no place for you here any longer. You have no control over me for my Lord reins in my life. Now get behind me and move! See this is the power that Jesus left with us when He ascended into heaven that same Holy Ghost power is within us and we have to start speaking and using that power.

Not one time while Jesus was here on the earth did He tolerate with things, He did not tolerate with man’s foolishness, He did not tolerate the enemy, He did not tolerate the Roman soldiers nor the Pharisees and Sadducee’s. If Jesus didn’t tolerate those things and He spoke to every emotion and every body or anything that try to stop Him for doing what God’s Will was, it’s all the more reason for you and I to do the same. We don’t have to tolerate those things that try to stop us, speak to your finances, speak to your health, speak to your marriage, speak to you children, your careers use that power that is within you.


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