Happy New Year’s Family!! 2016

Praise God friends and family. I want to take this time to give God some praises. I never thought I would have been able to accomplish the things that I did in 2015 had it not been for the Lord. There were some rough times but He got me through it.

My Christmas  was so amazing because I was able to spend this time with my family seeing my In-Laws, and my grand babies,  it truly was a blessing. I know we all say it but for me it meant allot. While I was with them the Lord showed me that this is what matters the most. It’s not about my career or what I want to do, it’s more than that. Being surrounded by my family I not only saw the LOVE but the Love grew even more.

woman-writingYesterday me and my husband brought in the New Year down by the Water-Front in Baltimore Maryland at the Inner Harbor enjoying the festivities. There must have been thousands of people down there, the fire works was unbelievable spectacular. And here I am now writing my first devotion for the New Year 2016.  If you want to know I didn’t write no resolutions because I have found out over the years I never kept them. What I have been doing in the last two years is set reasonable goals in which I can achieve. And things that I want God to do the Impossible in me and for me I left them in His hands. Asking Him to tell me what would He had me to do?

One of the things that you will see coming to This Ministry is a Book-Club. I am now in the process of preparing it. It’s kind of funny because one of my husband’s wish is to open up a Café Shop here in our town. He’s been talking about it for two years now but at the time I didn’t see that vision. And so here I am two years later wanting to host a Book-Club for this Ministry. Could it be that God is speaking to me about my husband’s vision?

Father God I pray for us all in this new year 2016, I pray that we will allow you to use us in ways like never before. That You Lord will do the impossible in all our lives. I pray that we will have visions that will bring others to salvation. That we will be ready to accept our roles in ministry to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I ask that You Lord will lite a fire within us all that those dead things we have held on to will be awaken within us. Rise us up like Daniel with visions that we will not look at it and say “I can’t do that” but that we will say “My God can do it and that He will use me to do it” In the Name of Jesus. AMEN


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