I’m so excited about the Snow.

How does you and your family prepares for snow storms? 

As we all have heard in the last several days they are calling for a serious winter snow blizzard. And so I thought what about having a fun exercise to do today. If you are expecting snow in your area tell me and others how much your area is expecting to get? And what fun things that you and your family like to do when snow comes?


I will start to get the ball running, hope you all would participate. I have always looked forward to snow, snow has a way of cleaning the air and it looks so pretty coming down especially when it’s covering everything.

 For me and my family we first prepare for the necessities of things, like flashlights, candles, batteries and wireless chargers. Then we stock up on food, snacks and movies. Once we are all in the house we start calling family and friends to make sure they are all doing well. Then I am in my kitchen baking and cooking meals. One of the things I love to prepare is a big pot of chili. We have such a great time watching movies, eating, snacking and enjoying the snow.

Then the second day of the snow we go outside and start digging and play in the snow, making snow angels and having snow ball fights. This is always exciting because that’s the only time you see all your neighbors outside at the same time digging out.

Be safe out there and be prepared. Look forward to reading what you do when it snows.


9 thoughts on “I’m so excited about the Snow.

  1. Snow is not something we get here in Central Texas. But growing up we got snow. Many a time we got snowed in and had to rely on the generators. Which honestly I don’t miss the snow at all.

    1. WOW! To live in a state that don’t get snow is different. I can see why you don’t miss the snow. But at least you experienced it, when you did get snow.

  2. Well I went to the store in the last couple of days to get some essentials. Milk and extra bread. I also good some snacking stuff that I am almost out of already. Oh and rock salt for the sidewalks.

    I have a couple of flashlights one being on my cellphone the other a small one that will need to be changed eventually. However we rarely lose power in snowstorms. Hurricanes maybe once or twice.

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