Wicked Drama Shows on TV? Not in My House!

Philippians 3:2 says” Look out for the dogs, look out for the evildoers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh.

Have you noticed that within the last year or two that programs for television is getting more and more devilish? My thing is why advertise that junk on my cooking shows and when I am watching Hallmark channel. It goes to show that the devil is  running scared and he is doing what ever he can to snatch people to follow him instead of Christ. 


The show called Twilight” the producers just kept advertising that show with all types of ads. Then it went to the show called The Walking Dead” who in their right mind would watch such a show? There’s a girl on my job who ask me all the time do I watch it? And I tell her over and over I don’t watch demonic shows. Now there’s this new show coming out called Lucifer! As if the other shows weren’t enough the devil has to have his own show, the person who plays Lucifer say’s “he is the devil.”

Seriously folks are you aware of what the devil is doing? Or do you think it’s just a movie? Well let me inform you, programs like these are not just for your entertainment. I don’t care what Hollywood would have us to believe. The devil is using this to open the door to your home. When we begin to entertain evil and wicked stuff we are saying yes to the devil’s play-ground. You might not see it being wrong but remember he is cunning so when you watch those shows he just keeps feeding your appetite. because you think that nothing is wrong with it.

When the enemy has you hooked on those shows and he will if you let him. For there will be those subtle changes starting to take effect. Then when your world turns upside down you will ask yourself what is going on? What happened? But it won’t dawn on you that you started playing with the devil, because you never saw anything wrong with watching these evil and wicked shows on television. You don’t have to watch those shows there are plenty good channels that have fun family and uplifting programs on. Let’s not support these wicked shows and don’t allow your children to watch them.

Remember the bible says in Genesis 4:7 says’ If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”






6 thoughts on “Wicked Drama Shows on TV? Not in My House!

  1. This is so true! We have become so desensitised to the ploys of the enemy, at times we actually encourage each other to watch these lewd shows so we can have something to talk about. In my house- we took it up a notch, we don’t watch TV. We made that decision when we saw how corrupt it has become and we realised these producers don’t care about our lives. We took a stand to boycott these shows!

    1. That’s right, many will be deceived. And I understand that some folks emjoy scary movies. I use to be one,and even after I got saved I still would watch them. For I had no idea that it was wrong. I even read tbe scripture about being deceived but still thought it didn’t mean watching movies. Unil one night I had a horrible nightmare and when I woke up I had this feeling that I was not alone in my house
      For days I sensed that presenced.

      I was petrified, I told my mom and she explained to me what happened and she told me to leave that devilish behavior alone.

      I prayed and read my bible until that spirits presence was gone. I learned a valuable lesson, don’t play with tbe devil’s toys.

      This is why I believe that many don’t see anything wrong with scary movies, for they don’t understand the meaning of God’s word. I thank God that I got that understanding before it was to late for me.

      In most churches today one just won’t hear that type of teaching and that’s why we must study the word for ourselves. We can’t wait for the pastor to do it

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