What type of Career do You Have?

We all have our jobs in which we wake up each day and head out the door to work. When we get to work we have our assigned duties of things that we must attend to.

And though we give our jth3N6DPDM8obs allot of attention with long hours and going above the call of duty we aren’t always appreciated with compensation, are we?

And so today I ask you a question, “IF Prayer Was Your Employer Would You Still Have A JOB?” Be honest with yourselves.


4 thoughts on “What type of Career do You Have?

  1. I believe most would fail miserably.

    I know I would. A few years back I started reading about Christians of the past, such as Johnathan Edwards. I focused on his resolutions and wrote my own. After two months I was still on #2 because I had not mastered it yet. It takes a lot of discipline to stay focused on your prayer life.

    Perhaps our real problem is getting rid of the distractions in our life and becoming more focused on a gospel centered life.

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