When Life Brings Us to A Complete Halt

In the regions across the different states many have suffered from the weather that has hit their regions. From snow blizzards to rain storms, tornado’s leaving many people helpless. Local states have called upon their government and state agencies to help them.

th3Z42GKCIHave you notices when disastrous happens people put aside their differences and roll-up their sleeveless to help their fellow neighbor? What is it about disastrous that makes a person come together? Why can’t we come together like this everyday? What is God trying to tell us? The other day I was talking to this women about the 2 feet of snow that was dumped in my state, I said to her ” I see you got dug out from the snow?” she replied, “yes, I did.” Then what came out of her mouth was so profound, she said “it’s a shame that this blizzard had to make us all come to a complete halt.” I told her that she was so right.

I am a firm believer that God tells us when we need to take a break and stop everything, and He will do it what ever it takes. He will give us a word through the Holy Spirit to tell us to take a break. But because we are so stubborn and hard-headed we refuse to listen. God will get our attention one way or the other. I do believe that these things that have happen in our lives has been a change moving in many lives. Neighbors have gotten closer to one another because they depending on each other to get it done. Parents and children took time to really listen to one another. Mom and dad got closer, siblings getting along.

What lesson does God want us to learn? When He tells you to “Halt” do it. There’s a reason for it. You may not understand why at that moment but trust Him. For you and I will never see where there is a moment for us to take a break, but your body, mind and spirit needs it desperately.



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