~Just For the Ladies~

Hello Ladies, if you are like me and others you have discovered that being a Christian is “NOT” easy.. The first thing we struggle with is getting a better understanding of who we are; now that we are children of God. Being a Woman on Fire for the Lord is knowing first who we are in Jesus. Galatian 5:16 says’ But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 

I have created a private group where we can just talk and help each other. For some of us it’s easy talking to a complete stranger for they have no agenda that they can benefit from. 

I have inserted the link below for you to visit the site Now because this group is private you will not be able to see the comments to the topics we are already talking about. I will share  a few of the topics we are discussing.

woman of God

1. Why waiting on God is hard for us as women?

2. Why do we judge and comparing ourselves to other women?

3. Why do we always give into what our flesh wants, and then regret it later?

4. How to be Purposeful? Why do we feel the need to settle for less? When we can have the very best?

5. What are you rediscovering about yourselves now that God has your attention?

ladies it starts with us. We have to make the change first by accepting we need God to change us from the inside out.



My prayer for every women is this:

Father God I pray that you would help each of us to become the Woman that you have created us to be. Help us to face the struggles that we face as being a woman. Help us to deal with them by your word wash us through and through. Let each of us know our true identity in you. Lord! Raise us up to become stronger women in our homes and communities. Let us stop condemning our sisters for the issues that we have and aren’t women enough to deal with. Forgive us of our sins Lord. Fill us with your Love by first breaking our harden hearts of arrogance and pride. Anoint our thoughts, eyes, hands, mouth and feet as we go forth in walking in our relationship with you Lord. In the Mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

I look forward to having you being apart of this. Sorry guys, I wish I could invite you to be apart of this but I believe you understand.





One thought on “~Just For the Ladies~

  1. Lord thank you for giving me another new member to the Group. WOW! GOD is good. I just posted this and within five minutes someone already requested to join. Can I get an AMEN! Thank you Lord Jesus

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