What ~Keys~ open doors?

For every door there is a key which opens it. When we don’t use the right key then the door won’t open. If we lose our keys then we go and make a mew set of keys. If we get locked out and left the key in the house we have to call a locksmith who will let us in, and pay a fee for their trouble right?

But what about the keys to our prayers? Which keys are you using to open those doors? Maybe you’re not sure what prayer keys I am talking about? Let me help you, they are faith, hope, perseverance, committed, determined, un-skable. Yes its these keys that will open our prayer door. And when the doors don’t open we don’t have to worry about breaking into our car or calling a locksmith. All we have to do is call on the name of Jesus.

And He will come immediately to our aid. And so tonight I ask you “what keys are you carrying on your key chain?


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