Things to Remember

We remember so many things in life some good and some not so good. This morning I thought I share a few with you.

Please share with me and others what we should remember. You can add anything you want to this. We all have something to share so don’t be shy, okay!

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1. Jesus loves you.
2. Man will never validate you.
3. You already have more then enough.
4. Life without Jesus is not living.
5. Joy is not something you can buy.
6. Eighty perecent of the things we worry about will never happens.
7. Twenty perecent of the people in the church does eighty percent of the work.
8. You who are born again are ministers of the gospel.
9. Contray to what some parents believe, your child wants you to be a parent not their friend.
10. Your life does not belong to you. It belongs to Christ Jesus.


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