John 8: 32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

According to Webster’s dictionary insecurities; uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence: 

thKRF4D2YBThere is not a person in this world that doesn’t suffer from some type of insecurities. Being insecure comes from not knowing. We have many uncertainties, life itself has uncertainties. And because of our insecurities we end up living via fear which brings on many other types of forms of insecurities. We don’t have to live like this, for the bible tells us that “and you will know the truth, and he truth will set you free.”  What truth is John talking about? He’s talking about knowing the word of God for yourself. God says that fear does not come from Him, for God has given us a sound mind.

When you being to feel insecure ask yourself one question, who is making you feel this way? The enemy gets great pleasure in bring fear in our lives, his only purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy. The world is lost and in the dark and full of insecurities but we are not. We are secure in Jesus which means we shouldn’t be insecure about anything. Recite scriptures, memorize them and you will begin to see that those insecurities will fade away.




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