Pondering Message: Do you have the Stomach to examine YOURSELF?

The other day I posted a devotion for you all on “How serious is Your Relationship with Jesus” For years I always wondered why people are so casual with their relationship with Jesus? Now before you get ready to toss rocks at me hear me out. Aren’t we who are born again believers are to have the highest regards of God’s Principles? Aren’t we to be living far better than we did before? Aren’t we to be growing in the abundance of His Word? And yet we still have believers who have been born again for years and they are still on “milk,” they don’t even try to digest meat, it’s like they prefer to be spoon feed.

thK2IY9R87In my opinion if you have been saved for more than a year you need to get off the milk and be on solid meat. But sadly enough many saints don’t take their relationship with Jesus serious enough, and you know how you can tell. Because when they see you living in the word they look at you as if you are strange, they don’t understand your speech. They think you are critical when in fact you have risen above the baby food and now on solid meat.

I remember when I was a baby in Christ, I was so hungry for God that I wanted to know everything about Him. I must have read many different bibles translations because I wanted life application. From there I wanted to know the Greek and Hebrew, meaning of the word. I was like a sponge taking it all in. I know we all grow at different levels but I wonder, are we just saying that to make excuses for our laziness of not wanting to take our relationship with the Lord serious.

It’s a sad state of affairs when live has to bring us to our senses that we stop the pretending and become sold out for Jesus. You know it’s true? It’s not until someone has a near death experience that now they want to know Jesus more, it’s not until they lose their home or job that now Jesus has all of a sudden become their everything! If now what has happen to you has caused you to make Jesus everything to you, what was He to you before these bad thing happened to you?

I know this is not your normal posting from me but you know we got to hear what we don’t want to hear.

Have a blessed Wednesday and remember tomorrow might just be too late do it now.


2 thoughts on “Pondering Message: Do you have the Stomach to examine YOURSELF?

  1. Mmm….I have been thinking on this same subject, Desiray.
    Only last week, I mentioned at our Ladies meeting, how frustrated I was, that some of my brethren are quite hapy to stay at the milk stage.

    Our Leader of the Ladies Ministry, echoed, just what you have said.
    I am blessed by your article as it is food for me to chew on too.

    God Bless you….I love your new design <

    1. Thank you Carole, this us something that has always bothered me to no end. And I guess ut shouldn’t because everyone must work out their own salvation. Either way, those people can’t be happy with just living on the surface only, when God has much more for them if they would just open their hearts and eat meat.

      As usual its always nice seeing your comments. God bless you

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