Blessing Our Children

When we think of blessing our children what comes to your mind? Maybe your thinking about leaving them an inheritance. Maybe you’re giving them their inheritance now instead of waiting till you passed on. What ever you think a blessing is to you it’s not what God says about leaving a blessing for our children.

smilingIn the Old Testament in Genesis Jacob blessed his child’s this way. In chapter 48 Jacob took the two boys, Ephraim and Manasseh and he laid his hands on both of them and then he blessed them. Listen to what Joseph said.

The God before whom walked my fathers Abraham and Isaac, The God who has been my shepherd all my lifelong to this very day, The Angel who delivered me from every evil. Bless the boys. May my name be echoed in their lives and the names of Abraham and Isaac, my fathers . And may they grow covering the Earth and with their children.

When you read the rest of the story you will see that Joseph thinks that his father had made a mistake by blessing Ephraim, so he took his father’s hand off of Ephraim. But Jacob said to Joseph that he is very aware of what he is doing, he said that his younger brother will be even greater and his descendants will enrich nations. Then he blessed them both. Saying” Israel will use your names to give blessings: May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh.

Several things jump out on the pages here, one is that Jacob knew about his fore fathers before him. He knew how God was with them and blessed them. He knew that he was apart of something bigger then himself, and he wanted to make sure that his children, children follow in that same blessing by honoring God. Imagine what would happen if we as parents would lay our hands upon our children and bless them with the promises of GOD? Leaving an inheritance for your children is a great thing to do, but blessing them with the word of God now will serve them throughout their lineage. Their children’s children will be blessed and the blessing keeps going on.


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