The Misunderstood of Comfort

2 Timothy 3:16 says” All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

When you think of comfort what comes to your mind? No, seriously think about it before you answer. Is comfort to you about being secure? Is it having things line up and in order? If it is then I hate to be the bare of bad news today, for comfort is neither of those or what we think it is. Comfort is this, the Bible is the word of God and is powerful and life changing. The promises of God start with when God tells us that all Scriptures in the Bible are inspired by God.

readingThe reason we are misunderstood about comfort is the fact that we aren’t relying on this very scripture of God. When we are left with not feeling sure of things or not having the ability within ourselves to fix it, we find no comfort, which brings on impatience. Impatience breeds a little  bit of arrogance now and then. This is why we feel that it was a waste of time, we lose energy and our focus; and began to question God. But if we would start by taking the comfort of God and His word and stop comparing ourselves to everything else. We will learn to embrace comfort and no longer live in the state of misunderstanding comfort.

Our biggest problem is ourselves, it’s how we process our thoughts, we expect things to be smooth sailing no storms at all. We believe that when things are well in our lives then we are living in true comfort, but the moment the earth shakes our foundation then we no longer living in comfort. That my friends is not living in comfort. Comfort is knowing not your ability but knowing His, God’s ability. Start doing that and when the storms comes you can say “I am living in comfort” it’s like anything else you just have to make up a made up mind to trust God. So embrace comfort today and every day, things will be much better for you when you do.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of YOU!



5 thoughts on “The Misunderstood of Comfort

  1. I find that if I seek outside help…everything other than God..I get anxious or worried or depressed. The bible says to seek first the kingdom of God and I believe He means us to seek Him through prayer first and foremost. I have to remind myself of that.

    1. You are right, we are to seek Him first. Sadly often we don’t until after we’ve gone through what you described as depression. Thanks for commenting. Please do come back again.

  2. I have been struggling with the promise of comfort and consolation especially in regards to 2 Corinthians 3-5. I attended a bereaved parents meeting last Wednesday and we spoke on this topic. I asked the group how they experienced God’s comfort. It was a night when we had a lot of discussion so I never really got an answer, but I asked it because I was trying to decide from a practical stand point exactly what God’s comfort looks like. Maybe it means something different to everyone (i.e., depending upon your specific love language). I’m still turning my thoughts on this topic over in my mind. I appreciate your perspective. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Janet, its never easy especially when we lost a parent. For me when my mom died it was hard, i had someone tell me not to grieve long. But I didn’t listen to them. What got me through the grieving process was finding comfort in God’s Word. Each day got a little easier for me. I had no other choice but to rely on His word, which gave me comfort like never before. It truly is a blessing when one finds comfort in God.

      1. I misspoke. I attended a While We’re Waiting support group meeting for parents who have lost children. Regardless, I think God’s comfort sometimes is a subtle thing. As I wrestle with my faith and long-held beliefs – my straight edge is always God’s Word. I have found that I’ve made incorrect assumptions in the past about certain verses, or that some have a fuller meaning than I realized in the past. I think when you are in the midst of trials, comfort can seem to be elusive. However, when you look back, when your emotions are not quite so raw, you can see how God comforted you. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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