31 Day’s With the Word Challenge

31 Day’s With The WordTake the Challenge” your life will never be the same.

We all have found ourselves at times not sure how to handle life situations, that’s why it’s so vital to our living as Christians to know the word, in order to work the word in our lives.

th481BUQGSFor the 31 days challenge pick any book from the bible and commit to reading it everyday at the same time. Pick a place in your house that the atmosphere is calm and no noise. Next you will need to get yourself a journal or notebook.

Begin with singing a song thanking God, praise and worship always ushers us in the throne room of God.  In your journal you will jot down what jumped out of the passage that spoke to you. Ask the Holy Spirit what is it about that passage that He wants to teach you?  Write your own prayer of what God was showing you as it pertains to the passage you read.

This challenge is not about fast reading it’s about letting the scriptures absorb in your spirit. 

This challenge is not about the amount of days so there is no need to rush through it. You might be thinking why should I do it for 31 days what does the 31 days have to do with it? The number 31 days have no significance what so ever. In life if we do anything for a period of time it become habit-forming and that is what I am trying to show you. Make it a habit to grow spiritually.

Ephesians 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.

Your life will never be the same again when you start growing and maturing in the Word of God!


One thought on “31 Day’s With the Word Challenge

  1. Alright I posted this challenge way before I started the challenge and so today I want to share my testimony. I have always been the type of person after being born again I stayed in the word. The word is excitement for me, it brings me great joy and pleasure. Seeing God move in my life are beyond words.

    But something happened last year 2015 to me that I ended up drifting away from my time in the word, don’t get me wrong I read but not like I use too. Sometimes days would go by that I wouldn’t even study and I felt as though I was alright I check myself by taking my spiritual temperature and it was normal. At least so I thought, for six months I was blinded by my own foolishness. I heard the Lord speaking to me many times come “desi “but I didn’t move. I still thought I was doing well.

    On October 2015 things changed in my life, I became very irritable about many things, I wasn’t appreciative I became ungrateful for the mercies God has shown me each day. I was so focused on what was happening in my life that I ignored the prompting of the Lord telling me to come to Him.

    Many of you know just what I am saying it’s called pretending to be okay when in reality you aren’t well. After the holidays the Lord told me to dig back into the word like never before, He also told me to start with Genesis and read it slowly, I was so let the words marinate in my soul. I was told to jot everything that jumped out to me. The first day I did just what God said, I didn’t ignore Him I came to a place where it was a matter of life and death. For my life depended on it. (That’s how serious this was for me)

    I am now in day 48 and I am still doing the challenge, each night the Holy Spirit revealed something new, I thought He was going to show me something in the word the first night I started it, boy was I wrong for the first 30 days He showed me how easily it is to be misguided in the word. Talk about not what I was expecting.

    He revealed to me how I had let some bitterness enter into my heart. I wasn’t wanting to hear those words, for I wasn’t ready to talk about it. But that night the Lord dealt with it, He showed me the areas in my life where that bitterness had grew and that God was going to uproot it tonight for good. I wept like a baby I felt so ashamed but I needed to repent and be cleanses.

    During those 30 days I saw just how far I had drifted and from where I drifted. When life happens and it does we neglect our time in the word, but God is saying it’s in those moments that we must press into the word more so.

    There were times that I found myself in worship for an hour or praying for more than thirty minutes. Each session the tears rolled down my face, this time it was different the tears wasn’t that I was sad it was because I received whatever God had in mind for me that night.

    Each night I enjoy my time in the word it’s different then before, even scriptures and stories that I have read in Genesis and now in Exodus God is showing me how to not do what they did and how to use His word and apply it to my very own life and circumstances.

    The benefit of what the challenge was for me are the following, knowledge, Growth, Wisdom and a deeper appreciation of God’s word. I thank God for those months trials I had, because they have made me much stronger and I see so much clearly these days. My prayer for you is this, I am not sure what God will show you in this challenge but one thing is for certain your life will never be the same when you wrap yourself in the word. AMEN

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