Throw Back Friday” Do you Remember This?

Remember when land lines was the popular thing to have in your home. The cord could only go but so far which meant you weren’t able to go from room to room and talk. But boy did we love it. I remember seeing my mom sitting in the living room talking on the phone, while we kids would be on the floor playing monopoly.


Do you remember having this phone in your house?


4 thoughts on “Throw Back Friday” Do you Remember This?

  1. That phone evokes memories of a much simpler life –we started with a party line of all things! As a child I lived not just within the safety of my family, but within the safety of a whole community of neighbors and friends. In our fast-paced world we have lost this. That is why church community is so needed today.

  2. You are so right, we have lost allot. I tell my customers all the time, we never missed a call and life was much simpler
    Now people have cell phones and it has distance us from family times together

    In my line of work I deal with the public and I have people coming to me to assist them and they can’t put their cell phone down until they are done.

    What I hate is when you use public rest rooms and you hear someone talking on the phone while on the toilet, now no call is that important that you can’t give yourself some privacy.

    Thank you for commenting.

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