Lies the Enemy Tells Women

Listen up ladies, we have an adversary who takes great pleasure in telling us what we can not do, he takes pleasure in getting us to be like the women in the world. He plays on our self-esteem, if he can get us to just think less of ourselves we got us hooked.

12045672_1638026726466957_6339777608977471254_oEverything has a beginning and so does the enemy when he comes attacking us women he uses the same tricks, for he has no new tricks he has nothing new the only things that changes are the people who he uses. It all started in Genesis 3:4 when the enemy said to Eve ” but did God say,” if the enemy can get you and I to think negatively about God, then he has arranged for a flaw in your thinking towards God.

Notice how he said “but did God say? Eve already knew what God had said about the garden but because she was admiring it  the devil played on her thinking. As you continue reading it the devil says” for if you do then you will be like God, knowing good and evil. Now, who don’t want to be like God?

Ladies God has been speaking to you about matters in which He wants you to do in your life, and the moment God spoke to you what did you do? You said” was God really speaking to me or was it me speaking to myself? See, right there we need to stop listening to the enemy, and go with what God has spoken to you.

Satan wants you and I to be skeptical about God as if there is a hidden clause in God’s word. What are you going to do today when that enemy comes whispering in your ear telling you “but did God say?”

Ladies you are more than welcome to tune each week to my bible study online


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