They build it to the Letter

 Yesterday’s Bible Trivia Question: How many days was Jesus in the wilderness, before He started the Ministry? The answer is 40 days.

thR7W6I47ZExodus 37 God gives instructions as to how they are to build the Ark, Showbread, Lampstand and Altar of Incense. Now in order for you to know about the instructions God gave you will have to go back and read the entire chapter.

When reading this I saw how detail God’s instructions was as they built the Altar of GOD. They had to use the finest of linen, of color. God also told them how high and wide it was to be. What I noticed was that once God gave the instructions there was a reason behind it. It was the Dwelling Place of the Lord and when the cloud covered the Meeting Tent it meant that the people could not move on their journey for God was speaking to Moses concerning God’s people.

While reading this I began to thank about how the Lord gives us detail instructions and often times we aren’t sure why God says this or that? This is why we often times make choices on our own without consulting with God because we want to know the reason behind what God tells us to do.

God wants us to trust Him, the only way that you and I will know the reason behind it is after we see the finish product.

Today’s Bible Trivia Question: Who was John the Baptist Mother? Answer given the next day.


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