Diamond In the Rough

I wrote this short poem I hope you enjoy it.


My outer exterior is rough, I’ve been worn over and over many times.

I’m not perfect, my speech is not like others I choose words that makes others raise their brows in wonder.

Oh, but if you could see the inside of my soul-you will see how gentle, and soft I really am.

You’ll see how sensitive I am and how compassionate I am too. But you won’t because you only see the outer surface.

God has and is making this diamond flawless that’s why the rough side is not who I really am!

Written by Desiray Lewis@ March 26, 2016


Bible Trivia Question: When Jesus was hanging on the cross what did He tell one of His disciples to do pertaining to Mary his mother? May you all have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. I am REDEEMED!



2 thoughts on “Diamond In the Rough

  1. Desiray, both beautiful and resonating. *I needed to read your words this morning. Thank you.
    Have a Blessed Easter,

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