Why do People say “IF” GOD?


Luke 24:38 says” And he said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts?

Yesterday’s Bible Trivia Question? Who was Jonathan’s Father? I will give you a hint, he was a friend to David. The answer is Saul!

Have you ever listen to a person when they give a testimony of what the Lord done for them? For instance they say “if God did it for them He will do it for you? Now for the sake of agreement and I don’t argue over God’s word with no one. But we need to stop speaking doubt to God’s word when we speak.


We know what the word of God says we read it for ourselves, we see how God freed the children of Israel and yet after all that we open our mouths up freely and speak words of doubt by saying, “if God did it for them, He’ll do it for you!

So, my question is this, how can you say if He did when you already know that He did for it is in the word? What makes folks speak with doubt? Anytime you put the word if in front of God’s word what you are doing is placing doubt to God’s word.

I know I hear people say it all the time and it sends a chill down my back it’s like nails on a chalk board, we have to stop speaking so loosely and start speaking God’s word correctly. How can you expect someone to believe what you say about the word of God if you say things like “if He, instead of saying “what He did, He’ll do for you. No wonder our prayers aren’t being answered, we are hindering our prayers by the doubt we place before God’s word.

Today’s Bible Trivia Question: Why did Saul wanted to kill David?


5 thoughts on “Why do People say “IF” GOD?

  1. You are so right in pointing this out. Thank you so much! Trivia question re why Saul wanted to kill David. My answer is Saul was jealous of David, because of the many enemies he had defeated wasn’t nearly as many as David, and the attention went to David and not Saul
    Being King, this made him angry and envious.

    1. You know sis, we have to learn to speak God’s word correctly and not cut corners.

      The answer to the Trivia is correct and you knew the answer as to why. Goes to show you are reading your bible. Praise God. Have a bless day.

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