Being a Christian at Work!

As a Christian are you inviting the Holy Spirit to come to work with you? No, it’s not a trick question. Some of you might say the Lord goes everywhere you go. And that is so true, but are you inviting him? What I mean is this; when you invite the Spirit what you are doing is surrounding your rights which are your agenda and your asking the Spirit to have His way.


In the world in which we live in we have many who gets great pleasure in Micro-managing others. One of the places we find micromanage personalities very strong is in the work place. One of the signs of a micromanage person are as follows.

  1. Control Freaks
  2. Resist delegating work

Micro managers seek to control every situation to gain more power. Often, they exert authority for no other reason than they feel they can. For instance, he or she gives out demands whether his or her employees even asked or needed their help.

These types of people simply has to have the need to exercise their power even in unnecessary situations. And because this happens so much it does affects us while leaving us not sure how to handle it and we seek out solutions on our on. This is why it’s so imperative that we let the Lord handle it because if we don’t we will make our decisions based on how it effected us.

Let’s face it folks there is no perfect job. Every job comes with problems, reason being is because man is not perfect. There is so much that happens on the job and rather you’re the employee or employer issues will always be there. Only the Holy Spirit can change any situation that arises. He will instruct you as to what steps to take. But when we don’t invite the Holy Spirit we end up taking matters into our own hands and we make a huge mess. Only later to regret the decisions we had made. So, I’ll ask you again are you inviting the Holy Spirit to work with you?

3 thoughts on “Being a Christian at Work!

  1. As a matter of fact, I am ending a 16 year career at the end of this week. I would not have been able to come to this decision without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Trusting God for everything daily. Blessings, Carlene

    1. My dear congrats to you on retirement. And yes it’s the Holy Spirit that helps us. I pray you enjoy your new adventure in life. God bless you

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