Picture Tuesday

Picture says it “ALL”
bible say

Yesterday’s Bible Trivia Question: Who was Ruth? Ruth was a woman who rose from obscurity to riches who became the wife of Boaz, 

One thought on “Picture Tuesday

  1. I have had the same bible for almost thirty years and though I have many study bibles this one is my favorite one. The pages are all marked up in different colors the binder has come apart and the pages starting from Genesis to Numbers is paper-clipped because they are loose pages. People have told me that I can get it glued back together. But I refuse to not to say I can’t offered it but I like how it is. I can find everything I need. I remember the first time the pages came apart from the paper clip. I was in church and when I opened my bible to follow my pastor all the pages hit the floor and the people on the same pew with me just looked at me, as if I was bothering them. It was then that I knew it’s not about how neat you keep your bible but how you are reading it. I plan on handing down this bible down to my daughter, and though she has her own I want to pass down to her the most important inheritance, that I can give her which is the word of GOD!

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