Know the Numbers “BMI”

Getting a good work-out what our bodies so desperately needs. Especially Cardio for Cardio helps our kidneys, lungs, and heart. Which by the way are three vital functions that work together to keep us breathing. With all the programs that are out there so many diets and yet none of them actually work because after the person has lost the weight they end up putting more weight on them. Does that sounds like you? Well I know how frustrating that can be ever since I went into menopause it has effected my weight. Just like so many women the problem I have is the middle section it’s called that muffin top, right ladies. Seems like everything you do it just won’t go away. Well, I am going to share with you today what I have done to get rid of that muffin top. But before I do I want to first say I don’t use no tricks to cover my mid-section. (for instance they have those belt wraps, I don’t use them at all) Okay so here is what I do and I want you to know that it will work for you as well.


When I turned 50 I saw my body changing and how my stomach the muffin top was getting puffy, not sure what was going on because all my life I was slim and never had a belly even after I had my baby my belly went flat. But at fifty I was frustrated and disappointed because I was struggling how to get rid of that muffin top. And so I went to the gym and worked out five days a week for 30 minutes each day, I did loose 30 pounds in six months. But the muffin top did not go away. It was then that I knew I had to get serious about getting rid of it and that I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing at the gym for it wasn’t working on the belly. Like you I read up on how to flatten the belly but crunches and planks did not work.

Then one night in my bible reading I remembered how God created me and how he put everything together. I got down on my knees and I started praying asking God to shrink my muffin top, I asked him to heal it, I expressed to Him how I didn’t like having a muffin top. God created me, He knew the changes that my body was going to experience and only He can help me with my muffin top. I prayed about my muffin top everyday, and now I don’t have a muffin top any more. The Lord also showed me that some of the foods in which I was eating was causes my stomach to bloat up. And that is why I was having a muffin top. Ladies this is something you need to know, your BMI should be between 18.5 to 24.9 this is consider healthy weight. Most of the weight is found in our bellies this is why it’s so important that we learn to start living healthy. To know your BMI you have to measure your waistline, height, by using a BMI Calculator which you can find on your cellphone .

I am so happy to know that now my muffin top has gone down, my BMI is now 25 I am so much happier and excited, now all I have to do is lose five more pounds and my BMI will be at 24. When I tell folks that I prayed about my weight people look at me like I am strange but doesn’t that bible says that God cares about us? And since He cares about us and He created us it only makes since to go to Him and ask Him to help us. I know the power of prayer and I pray about everything no matter what others might say or think. No matter if you think why pray about weight? I do hope that my story helps you and encourages you to take your health to GOD, for He is concerned about it all including your weight lost. AMEN!


4 thoughts on “Know the Numbers “BMI”

  1. BMI is just a tool. When the BMI tool first came out, it was just for people over 5 foot. I’m 4’11 and it kept saying I was overweight. Now they have changed it so now short people can use it.

    1. Every one should want to know their BMI…As well as how much body fat they have. I know I do because I have taken my own health care over all into my hands.

  2. A friend told me that she has prayed to lose weight, and it worked. I am now doing the same, as my body changed when I turned 50. The prayer is working!

    1. That’s right Yvette Prayer does work. We go to God in prayer when we need other things so why not pray about our weight? I know when I started praying to God about my weight I lost 30lbs and the weight is still coming off.

      I am so happy to hear you say that you have been praying about your weight and how the Lord is helping you. One other thing and that is while we are praying for our health you will begin to see that you will go in prayer about everything, because prayer will draw you closer to Him and you would want to know what to do in life. AMEN

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