Rushing for a Savings: What is all the rushing about?

For years it sees like more and more people are rushing and I am wondering just where are they rushing to? Just look at the highways and beltways, you see automobiles flying down the interstate. Most of the time the driver isn’t aware of his or her surroundings, that they come so close that they almost could have had an accident with you.

thRushing, rushing and rushing is all that you see, they rush you in the stores they can’t wait till their turn so they invade your space hoping to get you out the way. And for what? Because by the time you get out the door or come to a stop light the very person who almost caused an accident with you didn’t get any further, (so what was the rush)?

I ask you now, with all this rushing that we all do, how come we are not rushing to the Lord? We rush the store to get great savings, we drive to the next town to save money. We text and call our friends to make them aware of the great savings we saved.  We strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen. So, why do we do it?

Imagine what would happen in the lives of people if we all would rush to tell people about the “Best Savings Ever” it’s called SALVATION” For it is God’s saving Grace.

What is important to you? Rushing to get nowhere or rushing to Christ for your life depends on it?


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