Not knowing can be scary

Proverbs 3:6 says”In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

In life we take many different paths, we take paths that our parents have set for us, we take paths that others suggest we take and then we end up taking our own paths. Paths can be a bit scary because we are treading in new territory, there are uncertainties and fear.


When your younger its much easier to take these paths because we feel that we have got to conquer it. We don’t give it much thought of what’s hows and why. As we grow older we examine our lives and we want to know if what we have been doing over the years was the right path? We know that there has to be more to life then what we are doing. The bible tells us that God will straighten our paths if we acknowledge Him. When I look at this scripture and see the word “straight” it tells me that the paths that one has taken have been crocked. So often we take on many paths in life that we are just walking and walking around in the same spot over and over and we aren’t even aware of how we just walked this area before.

Our lives here on earth is much more than what we are doing now, it goes beyond taking care of your family, making a career, our lives was created for God and we are to be on the path that He has for our lives. One will never know if they are on the right path in life unless they seek God and ask Him what will He have for our lives? When we ask Him He will show you and then as you start doing what He has for your life; you won’t walk around taking all these other paths that leads to nowhere.


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