Thursday’s Word

When it comes to tears we all can say we had our shares of shedding them. Sometimes when we can’t even express ourselves our tears has a way of doing it for us. Did you know that tears has a way of cleansing us and taking the heaviness off of us?

He understand

God really does understands our tears He understands them so much that HE cares about each and every tear that we shed. I want to remember this, don’t ever feel that you can’t cry or that your shouldn’t cry. Our Lord cares about our tears.

Tears can come from joy as well, so often when we see a person crying we assume that they are hurting But that is not true, a happy occasion can make a person cry. When we have had an experience with the Lord we shed tears.

Tears are good for the soul so don’t suppress just let it out. Amen!



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