God Will Make You Laugh

There is something about God that just amazes me. We have this relationship that I stand in AWE of Who He is and AWE of how He works, not only in my life but in the lives of others.

Today I want to share with you just one of His Wonders and that is “when He makes me laugh!” Just two weeks ago, while in church I was at the altar surrounded by some praying women of God, praying for me. I was very specific about what I stood in need of.

But God

How many of you know that when you have prayed for a long time concerning a matter that sometimes your heart fills with tears? Well that Sunday at the altar my heart filled with tears, then all of a sudden the chains broke off and the spirit of gladness was upon me, I started laughing and I said “Lord, you have a sense of humor” my feet began moving and I was dancing in the spirit.

That week following Sunday I received a call about an offer in which I was offered a position in communication. That morning when I got the call I thanked the Lord and was reminded back to the statement in which I said on Sunday at the altar about how I said “Lord, you have a sense of humor, for He made me laugh.

We should never put God in a box, just this year January 1, 2016 came in I started keeping a prayer journal and in that journal I write down bible notes in which I am reading jot down what the spirit is wanting me to learn from the scripture I am reading, I always end it with writing a prayer in my book. The Lord is constantly speaking to His children and there will be moments in our lives that we may forget what the Lord have said to us, this way I can remember them and the lessons I learned through my valleys in which I endured.

I have learned over the years in serving the Lord Jesus that “long-suffering” may not be popular with us as Christians but it comes with a host of wisdom and knowledge. My prayer for every Christian is to get as closer to the Lord Jesus as you possibly can. Don’t take your relationship with Him for granted, don’t put nothing ahead of Him. He must be first in everything in your life. Because if He is not you my friend are not living life you are just merely here with no purpose or direction.

Don’t get wrapped up your everyday life that you put God on the outside! God belongs in all your decision-making!  Have a blessed Saturday and I will see you all the next time I post. Father, God I pray that your people will have a hunger like never before, that they are digging in your word, kneeling down in your presence in prayer in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I pray.. AMEN


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