Mystery behind the Keys

When I was a little girl I was always fascinated with “KEYS” I wanted to know what doors did they open, what treasures will I find once I opened the door? I guess all this came from having a diary at the age of fifteen.


Each entry was an adventure for me, I would go to my bedroom at night and sit on the bed and start writing about my entire day. But what made it special was that I had a key that no one knew existed and no one could open it except me. For a fifteen year old that is treasured secret.

But something happen that changed how I felt about my diary, I started keeping a diary at 15 and continued to write in it until the age of 20, my middle sister one night opened and read my diary. I found out that she did because when I went to write my next entry my ribbon was not in the place I left it the night before. When I approached my sister about it she didn’t lie to me she told me the truth.

From that day on my fascination with keys and my diary were no more, I stopped writing and stopped purchasing diaries. Of course my sister saw how it effected me she even went to purchase me a new diary but the secrets was over for me. She now knew what my thoughts and secrets were.

Since those younger years I have started back to writing and I keep a journal, this time my journal consist of more prayers and answered prayers along with my studying time with the Lord. My desire about keys have come back and each key that I see I want to know where it leads. My keys these days are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. And each of those keys opens new opportunities which gives me strength, wisdom, knowledge.

What about you? Do you wonder about KEYS?


3 thoughts on “Mystery behind the Keys

  1. The keys that we hold in our hands are many let them be keys in which you grow in your life. Many of us are carrying keys of dreams, don’t ever lose that key. Hold on to the keys of memories that you have. There are so many good quality keys that we can have, and there are also some bad keys which we need to get rid of. AMEN

  2. I had a similar thing happen to me when I kept a journal. Every word I ever wrote held against me. For people who love to write it leaves a big impact. I have never wrote again until I started my blog (this was 7 years ago). I decided no more secrets. Everything about me is open and I feel so much more a peace with it!

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