Evening Devotion: Trusting Yourself

Trusting can be hard and we all have our reasons why. Many of us will say “yes, I trust you ” but in your mind you are saying “no way do I trust you” you have your hands crossed just like the man in the photo when it comes to trusting people.


Surely you don’t want to tell the person that you don’t trust them for you don’t want to appear to be a not so good person or friend, let alone hurt someone’s feelings so you lie by crossing your fingers and they can’t see that your mind is crossed.

Can you get pass the reasoning why you can’t trust? I do believe that one of the reasons why trusting is a problem for us, it’s not just the disappointments and hurts we receive but it goes much deeper then that.

It’s because we haven’t learned to love ourselves. I’m not talking about that superficial love I’m talking about that love that God gives us to love others.

Do you trust yourself? Now before you say “yes” be honest with yourself.




2 thoughts on “Evening Devotion: Trusting Yourself

  1. Having healthy self-esteem is a scripturally sound and acceptable condition. However, loving self can be a dangerous proposition, especially for those who lack the spiritual discernment to appreciate the difference between love of self and self-esteem. Pride can easily turn love of self into prejudice and the development of a superiority complex, rather than the humility true believers should possess. God indeed wants us to feel good about ourselves, but only to the point of self not interfering with one’s love of God. The issue of trust is quite easily resolved by remembering that Jesus said no one is good but God. To the degree in which we really trust God, we can also trust Him to protect us from the failures of humanity. Love God with ALL your heart; love people as you want them to love you. Trust God for the outcome. The imperfections of man will continue to disappoint, but the consistency of God is absolutely trustworthy. Refocus your trust accordingly.

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