RATIONALIZING: Why we do it?

Proverbs 16:25 says” There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

What does it mean? We do it all the time we’ve gotten so use to it that it has become a part of our fabric. Rationalize means to stop making excuses or comments like “OH! That’s just me or I’m like that it’s always have been a part of who I am and always will be.”


Why do we say it? Do we say it so we don’t have to give an honest answer? Or is it we prefer not to confront truth about ourselves? I am the first to say I use to rationalize everything all because I chose not to confront things about me I did not like. But you know what? I found out that when I would do this, no one really knew who I really was, and as life went on I myself did not like who I was becoming. I had to make a drastic decision to stop rationalizing things and just confront and deal with it.

Do you know that the average person rationalizes on the very simple things of life? When we make statements like,” oh that’s just me, what we are saying is I refuse to do better so instead it’s easier for me to stay the way I am and if you can’t deal with it then you aren’t a friend. In all honesty is this the type of message we really want to send people? No, I don’t believe we really do, each one of us are special a unique and we all have something to give others, don’t let fear stop you from being a whole person in which you were created to be. You are so much better than that, you don’t have to rationalize anything take a stand and speak what is truth, others may not agree and that is okay, but at least you took a stand and confronted fear.

So the next time you find yourself in a position where you are about to say ‘Oh, that is me and always will be” stop and ask yourself, why are you rationalizing? Look deep within yourself and I know you will find the answer as to why you rationalize?




5 thoughts on “RATIONALIZING: Why we do it?

  1. Desiray – this is another excellent message and will hopefully encourage others to be honest with themselves and accept positive nudges with more of an open heart to change . Allow me to make a suggestion, but please don’t be offended. Your insights and method of delivery are on par with professional writers. May I suggest you take it to the next level? I’m a linguist and have noticed many incorrect spellings and grammatical errors that distract from your otherwise polished presentations. There are programs that automatically check these indiscretions which only take a minute to run. The result is a product “print-ready” for publication even in a national magazine. Your messages deserve that distinction of professionalism – positive criticism to hopefully improve your serve!

    1. I do appreciate the feedback, I have been writing for many years, and have been thinking about having my stuff published. I’ve been tossing the idea of an autobiography as well. May I ask what programs.

      1. Depending upon the Browser you use (I.E., FireFox. Chrome., etc.) some where in the tools or add-ons you can enable spell-check and grammar check. If you prepare a message in an program like Micro-soft Word, those feayures can be enabled to check your work as you type. Even if you only use the form offered on WordPress, you can right-click the mouse over the text area and the “Check-spelling” option is offered. Checked it will underline in red any suspected deviations.

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