I wrote this four years ago and it’s worth re-sharing it again.

Wives Love your Husband…Ephesians 5:22-23
We as wives must learn to speak well of our husbands.

 30 days, I challenge you do what 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 which says,

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

1.    When your hubby gets up in the morning, greet him with a hug and kiss.  As him how did he sleep that night and if he got rest. Every since me and my husband has been married we always greet with a hug and kiss, and I ask him every morning how was your sleep, I want to know if my husband has gotten enough rest so that I will know how he will handle the day. When you hug make it a meaningful one, don’t just do it for for a split second but feel the warmth.

2.    While you are at work or if you are a stay at home wife, call your hubby once throughout the day and let him know that you was thinking of him. (Don’t give him the run down of all the things which are happening in the house like, the children and etc) when you do this it will et him know that you was thinking of him. And it’s a kind gesture as well.

3.    Do something extra special for him, every woman knows what her husband likes so be creative, try making one of his favorite dishes, do something he likes, but never would of expected you to do it. Men love it when we surprise them, send him a flower once in awhile, or get him a card for no other reason but to say I love you. Remember there should never be a special reason to do things like this other then to say I love you.

4.    Greet your husband at the door with a kiss, if your in the kitchen when he comes home in let him know how excited you are to see him because you missed him. But don’t start off with how bad your day was but allow him to unwind first before you tell him about your bad day. Remember no one once to hear all the bad things until they get a chance to unwind from the day.

5.    Part-take in at least one of his hobbies he enjoys. When you were dating you found yourself being interested in at least one of his hobbies often times when we get married we forget about those times. It’s time to go back and revisit ladies.

6.    Pray for your spouse everyday, we know what our husband needs, so start by praying for guidance, strength and wisdom and understanding. Every day you man walks out that door to go to work the enemy is always prepared to tempt him with everything, and yes that includes other woman and woman on his job. As the saying goes, you take care of hubby then you never have to wonder if someone else is doing your job.

7.    Be aware of his spiritual growth make sure he”s relationship with Jesus is not altered, make sure he’s not falling away from being the spiritual leader of that home. Women let’s be more about the Proverbs 31 woman for God has already laid out the plan as to how we are to be that help mate towards our husbands.

8.    Have devotions together,  and as a family, a family who prays together really does stay together. You both draw your strength from one another,  you can’t fight those fiery darts if you’re fighting each other instead of building one another up.

9.    Make time for date night, (remember how you dated before you got married and you both looked forward to it, you still can have date night even with kids, get a sitter, you must keep that flame alive. Remember how you both gaze into each others eyes and have those talks you use to have before you got married? Couples must keep those other conversation alive that you once shared before you got married other wise you find out that your getting bored because all you talk about it the house, bills and family. Discuss your goals and things you want to achieve and places you want to go, just like before, nothing changes except you now can share them together. And please, keep the family issues separate while your on your date night,this night is about you two.

10.    Always speak well of your husband to other people even if he’s not doing what you want never let ill words come from your mouth because others will hear this and have negative thoughts about the two of you and your marriage needs people who actually honor marriages. Even when you are at home don’t allow yourself to speak negative for the moment you do you have spoken it in the atmosphere and Satan plays on our words to use them against us later. Don’t become a victim to him.

11.    Be careful as to what friends you have in your marriage you always want people who will  respect your marriage and the vows, because not everyone who hangs out with you and your spouse is praying for your marriage. Not everyone cares what happens to your marriage. And never have single people as your friends you would always want to have married couples as your friends. There is a good reason why I say this, because having a single male or female as your friend has nothing in common with you for you are married and they are single. Remember that.

I guarantee if we would begin by doing things like this everyday in our marriages then we will become to appreciate how God has design the marriage home to be, we will learn to be better help mates we would be better at developing our strengths and taking care of our home as woman and our relationship with Jesus would be much more closer then it is now.

We as woman need to know how to love our husbands like Christ love the church which means in our humanism we aren’t capable of that type of love, we love with conditions and we need God to show us each day how to love our husbands. If we follow God’s plan then we will not only please God but our husbands will learn to love us the way God loves us they will know how to care for us and know how to be that man of God we as Godly woman have been looking for, for years…AMEN?

Are you ready to give it a try? Start today, my list I kept short but I am sure you can think of other things to add to the list but most important about this list is each day as we read chapter 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 we need to ask Jesus to show us how to love like His word says, amen. Alright ladies let’s begin,

I look forward to your testimonies and know God is going to do great things for the both of you in this marriage. One thing I will say and that is this, don’t become discouraged because it’s a process and it doesn’t happen over night, OK!

3 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Good article — I particularly liked this point:

    Always speak well of your husband to other people even if he’s not doing what you want never let ill words come from your mouth because others will hear this and have negative thoughts about the two of you and your marriage needs people who actually honor marriages.

    When we complaint about our spouses we not only dishonor them and us, we are one after all, but we dishonor the God placed us in that marriage and announce our lack of trust in Him to fix whatever the situation is.

  2. Sorry to intrude ladies. I’m a married man celebrating 40 years of Christ-centered relationship with my lovely wife. I agree from a man’s perspective that all that advice will surely please a devoted Christian husband. Assuming that not all women reading this are blessed with such devoted husbands, may I suggest an additional bit of advice for those loving the less-than-fully-devoted? Men hate pretense. If your actions are not sincerely motivated by true love alone (rather than hoping to get a right reaction to your gestures), you’re in for a major disappointment that as a professional counselor, I have seen ship- wreck many marriages. It is absolutely true that if you don’t please your man, someone else surely will. But don’t merely assume the details of what truly pleases him – ask him. Not in a confrontation, but by “trial and error”. As you do unto him – ask if it is really pleasing or actually annoyng. While most people may love to be hugged, some men actually bristle at the thought as an invasion of their private space. Be considerate of that without feeling somehow ostricized bt his lack of “cuddling”. Romance and animal magnetism have their proper place in love relationships, but enduring relationships maintained by a mutual level of spirituality are far more rewarding, and lasting. A less-than-fully-devoted to Christ man may never appreciate the virtuous woman and be tempted to reject her godliness for temporary gratification else where. Be more concerned with growing in relationship with Christ and let the Holy Spirit woo your man by your commitment to the Lord. Not as “holier than thou”, but humbly submitted to Christ which will reassure him of your mutual commitment to him.

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