Jealousy! It will destroy

1 Samuel 18:1-11

What is it about us that we can be so jealous that it sets us in a rage? Jealousy will destroy any and everything that is in its path. And though we already know what it is capable of doing we do it anyway? That’s makes no sense at all. Why do something that will hurt you? Are we glutton for pain?


Did you know that jealousy kills? Did you know that when you are jealous you are killing a person?

Let me tell you a story of two people who was so close that they both were Kings in their lifetime. But when this green eye jealousy monster came they no longer were friends.

I am referring to Saul and David, Saul was King he had everything but over a period of time Saul like so many of us he rejected the Lord’s instructions and so the Lord took His anointing off of Saul.

And placed it on David and David became King. The Lord was with David. And Saul knew this and so did the people they began sinning and saying Saul killed thousands and David killed tens of thousands from that very moment Saul anger was in full rage jealousy.  He swore he would kill David.

This story applies to us today don’t let what others do cause you to let the green eye monster in your heart to grow. All of us are talented in our own way God created us different for a reason. Be happy for one another sing praises to Jesus for the blessings.

At the end of the story Saul became so occupied with killing David that Saul took his very own life. How sad that a friendship ended all because Saul could not be happy for what God was doing in David’s life.

I pray today as you read this that if you have any jealousy towards anyone that you make it right with them before it destroys you. Amen


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