Endurance is the Key

Galatians 5:22 says “but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, faith.


Did you not know that Christ was long-suffering when it came to you and I? Long-suffering is self restraint in the face of provoking, long-suffering does not retaliate or get even when it is provoked.

Scripture is showing us that through long- suffering we learn to endure. How can a person be patient with someone else with their short comings if you and I haven’t learned to endure long-suffering? We can’t. No one wants to endure let alone long-suffering.

When we suffer for just a moment we begin to complain. We don’t understand as to why this has happened to us. Instead of us complaining let’s run to God first and He will give you and I the strength to withstand. Don’t yield to your misfortune for it is only for a short time it’s there to mature and purify you.

Long-suffering builds endurance and what is endure it’s means to put up with to bear and tolerate. In our suffering the last thing we want to do is to tolerate it, but when we look at other things in our lives we tolerate many things, don’t we? We put up with things which aren’t apart of God’s design for our lives, then the moment God ask us to endure just for a while we fight Him by complaining. What is in your life today that is not a part of God, but you tolerate it anyway?

First we must understand that suffering is a part of life and that through our suffering we kill off the sinful man. At the end of the suffering we get wisdom, so that we can help someone else. Each time we endure suffering it makes us stronger in our faith in God. Christ want you and I to be unmovable that is why Paul said I count it all joy, his joy is not in the pain his joy was in Christ for he knew Christ was going to see him through it and give him what he needed while in his suffering. God gives each of us His grace and mercy to sustain.




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