Center Core of Value

We live in a society where frustration seems to be the core emotion of us all. Many things take our attention in life, from home life, careers, friends and recreational time. We juggle more than one task at a time and at the end of the day we feel as though nothing was accomplished.

But what would happen if we would first ask Jesus ” what does He think before we actually started making our first pot of coffee or tea?  Walk with me as I think this is how the conversation would go.



  • You: Hello Jesus
  • Jesus: Hello my child
  • You: Lord, what do you think about today?
  • Jesus: Today is great brand new day my child
  • You: Yeah but I am faced with this decision and part of me want to make the decision on my own
  • Jesus: Oh,
  • You: Yes, I trust you Lord, but I think I can handle it
  • Jesus: Well, my child I think you should wait on me to tell you what and how to handle this, but since you want to venture out I will not stop you.
  • You: Really? Okay I will handle it, thank you Jesus
  • You: Jesus, Jesus, where are you? I’ve messed it up, help me I don’t know what to do now? Why didn’t I listen to you when you told me to wait? Why didn’t you stop me? I thought you loved me
  • Jesus, My child, I do love you but you said you wanted to handle this, and I will never force myself on You.
  • You: I know Lord, please forgive me and get me out of this mess
  • Jesus: I forgive you, I love you. I will handle it from here. But correction and discipline you will endure. For when this is over you would have matured a little more.

If we would only listen to Him first instead of doing it our way, life would be much easier but because we don’t always listen the first time the Lord speaks to us we end up suffering.

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