What R U Speaking in Your Testimony?

Romans 15:17 says’ Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God.

What is the Apostle Paul saying to us the Gentiles? He is saying that it is not wrong to speak excitedly and joyfully about what God is doing through us if it is done in a spirit of humility and thankfulness to God.


Our personal testimonies should never become a means of bringing honor or recognition to ourselves or bringing discouragement on others. Our efforts to glorify God and find success in ministry should not be measured in numbers, miracles or other outward things that show success. Instead, our efforts for God should be measured by the faith and obedience to God’s Words that is produce in others through the genuine work and power of the Holy Spirit.

If you testimony doesn’t encourage others nor bring Glory to God what was the purpose of you telling others if you just wanted to blown your own horn?

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