God The Architect

An architect is someone who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings. We love seeing new buildings in our communities for it’s a sign of how we are growing.


With the construction comes frustration, because it changes how we mobilize around town. The piles of dirt and mountains of debris we see makes our view not so pretty.

The once paved road is no longer paved anymore.It has been stripped and we have to ride on stones, sand and dirt. The bumps in the road is not good for the alignment on our car. And what once was white painted lines are no longer there, so you have to follow those orange cones to make sure you stay in the correct lanes.

The traffic lights are not being used now for you are guided by a man holding a sign telling you to slow down and stop as you wait for the other cars to come across. Yes, all of this makes us frustrated, we find ourselves waiting and waiting at the same spot in which we started at twenty minutes ago. And just as the traffic starts to move there is detour sign telling you to take that route. Now you’re taking a route in which you’ve never taken before and you’re not sure if this detour will get you to your destination. God Himself is the ultimate architect in each of our lives. For the last few months, I myself have been feeling like I am under construction.

My spiritual life is going through all these changes just like at a construction site for a brand new facility. What God has shown me is that though I have gone from one stage to another stage and all I see is dirt and how things are moving and all the detours I have to take. The finish product of it all is a brand new Spiritual Life.

In life we wonder what God is up to? We can’t make sense of it, we don’t understand how He would place us in this place and then as fast as He placed us He up-roots us and puts us somewhere else. Today I ask you to look at the hand of God in your life and see the construction that is taking place in your life. If we would just get out of His way and allow Him to be the Architect the Master Builder and the Chief Cornerstone you will be pleased when He is finished with you.




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