What has Happen to Our Family Values

Proverbs 22:6  says” Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

For every home there are rules for every home that does not have rules there is confusion. Children today are growing much faster than you and I did, for we have a new generation of children. With that being said our children pick up on things much quicker than we did.


They have the internet and all the electronics from phones to games to video games. And because we have all of this the normal family home is not so much normal anymore. The reason being is our children prefer to spend their time with all the thrills an excitement of amusing themselves with all these gadgets instead of doing the family gathering time they once did.

We have parents who work so much just to keep things running smoothly that they neglected their time with the family, so now everyone in the family has been neglected to some degree. This behavior really does break down the family values and causes more harm than anything.

Before long we have children who would rather tell their friends what is bothering them then to come to their parents and confine with them. Have times changed that much that the family value system is distorted? I don’t believe it is, what I do believe is that we have let the weight of the world tell us what our family values should be.

Raising children is not an easy job it’s one of the hardest jobs ever and what is happening is because these days you have both parents working outside the home most of our children in America are raising themselves, parents can’t be there like they would like to so they try to make it up to them by giving them everything they can possible think of. Some parents even let their children get away with something that they do instead of disciplining them. Thinking that this will at least make up for not doing what they should be doing or make up for what time they have lost.

But the flip side of that coin is darken because not all but most children retaliate and the parent is not sure as to why, they ask themselves why do my child behave this way, why my child does not listen and respect me. Some children have said that they don’t love their parent. All of these things are as real as you and I. They happen every day in this world rather we chose to believe it or not it happens.

I for one believe in family value, I believe the family value does not have to be broken, just because our world is growing so fast and that our children are right on the edge of it, make for any excuse to throw out family values. We as parents are the ones who have changed we have changed how we discipline our children we changed in how we value family relationships. No home is perfect no child is perfect but I do believe if we stay faithful to family values, love and God’s word concerning the family we will be headed toward a much better future with our children.

People say that our children are the future I say our children is our today, set today on how you value the family and watch your children tomorrow live by what you have shown them.


4 thoughts on “What has Happen to Our Family Values

  1. It’s sad to see and partly because so many family units have been broken up. Check out my page for my current and upcoming theological posts! Follow for follow. Have a great day!

    1. I agree the family unit has broken down and we have to keep the family structured or other wise there might not be much left of the family.

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