It Has to Go Beyond Sunday’s

Matthew 14:23 says” After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone.

While on earth , Jesus pulled away from the crowds and activity to spend time alone with His Father. If Jesus himself needed this time, how much more must we?  Time alone with God is essential to our spiritual well-being.


A lack of desire to pray is an unmistakable sign that one’s spiritual life is in a process of decline. We must take a hard look at our lives and remove anything that offends God or gets in the way of our relationship with Him. We must come before the Lord and humble ourselves and renew our commitment to spending time with him in prayer. When the body of believers come together the presence of the Lord shows up. 

But it doesn’t stop there saints, it must go beyond our fellowship on Sunday’s and Wednesdays. It has to be a life-style in which we part-take of every day. Jesus spent many days and hours with His disciples, but there where many times that Jesus went to be alone with His Father. We have to make time in our daily day to have fellowship with Jesus.  If we can make time for all those other things in life we can certainly find time for the man who died for our sins.

Have a blessed Saturday AMEN!


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