Walking Your Journey

Proverbs 1:5 say’s A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel

In life we all take journeys, some journeys will be easy while others will take us a little longer to reach. It doesn’t matter how long the journey takes it’s what we have learned on our journey. Some people while on their journey they take short cuts thinking that it will get them closer to their destination. Then there are those who will not detour away from the journey for they are focus. We all are guilty of taking short cuts in life, but God has a way of showing us that short cuts aren’t going to get us no closer to success.


These roads we take in life can be so difficult and hard on us, we are faced with many elements and surprises, we can be walking smooth when all of a sudden a wrench got thrown into our path and now we have to take time to fix the problem and then get back on road. Some days we don’t have time to enjoy the beauty that we are surrounded by. But then on a clear day we can see the hand of God in everything, we take time to sit and watch a pedal fall off a flower or to see a baby bird hatch. Our mind has become clear our thoughts are not our own it’s as if the light bulb came on, we finally see what the Lord was and has been trying to get us to see.

Your journey in life should always be about growth, if we aren’t willing to take the test that comes with the journey then what you are doing is selling yourself short. God has such a love for you and He sees so much in you. He wants you to see what He sees in you. God always has a plan for us and He is using these journeys in which we take every day to mature and affirm us in His word. We have to be grounded not moveable by the elements that are surrounded on our journey. For some of us we want others to walk with us on our journey, and that’s okay. But there are moments when the Lord says no one is going to accompany you but GOD.

So my friends when you’re on your journey, remember the Lord is preparing you for success and there will be no short cuts with the Lord. Be prepared to go over hurdles, jump some stones, walk through the water and wipe the mud off yourself. Get your spiritual clothes on because you will certainly need them.  You might ask why do I need to put on the Armor? When God is preparing us the first person who starts to attack us is the enemy. He will do whatever he can just to get us to give up and quit, for he doesn’t want you and I to succeed. Truth be told many of us have already start listening to the enemy and you’ve given up the journey and now you’re doing your own thing.  If you forgot what your garment is let me remind you.

  1. Put on the full armor of God
  2. The Belt (of Truth)
  3. The Breastplate of Righteousness
  4. The Shoes (of Peace & Preparation)
  5. The Shield (of Faith):
  6. The Helmet (of Salvation)
  7. The Sword (of The Spirit)
  8. Prayer.



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