Why can’t YOU make up your MIND?

James 1:8 say’s A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

What does this really say about YOU?

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When our faith and spirits rise and fall with second causes, there will be unsteadiness in our words and actions. A double minded man. A man of two souls, or of a double heart, that speaks and asks with a heart, and a heart, as in Psalm 12:2 says who halts between two opinions, and is at an uncertainty what to do or say. Is undetermined what to ask for; or who is not sincere and upright in his requests, who asks for one thing, and means another, and asks amiss, and with an ill design. One who does not call upon God in truth, and in the sincerity of his soul; draws nigh to him with his mouth, and honors him with his lips, but his heart is far from him.

Such a one is unstable in all his ways; he is confused in his mind; restless in his thoughts, unsettled in his designs and intentions. Inconstant in his petitions; uncertain in his notions and opinion of things; and very variable in his actions. Especially in matters of religion; he is always changing, and never at a point, but at a continual uncertainty, both in a way of thinking and doing. He never continues long either in an opinion, or in a practice, but is ever shifting and moving.

No wonder man’s relationship with God is far off. What will you do to get your stinking thinking right with God? In our society many business people would not even consider doing business with a person who can’t make up his or her mind? Reason being they look at you as being someone who they can’t rely upon or trust. Let’s be honest today folks we can’t make up our minds on the simple everyday things like what’s for dinner, what we will wear to work, where should I park the car, and the craziness goes on and on.

On this Saturday October 8, 2016 I am going to give you a simple challenge. Take a look in the course of your day just today and see how times you change your mind. This is pretty simple right? I guarantee that within one minute you will have already changed your mind after reading this. Why, so glad you asked, because some of you will not be able to decide if you’re going to take the challenge or even comment. I proved my point!

Have a blessed day today and enjoy your weekend. Please remember to keep the people who have been hit by the are needing our prayers for that storm Matthew.




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