Good Morning (It’s “HERE GUYS)”

Good morning November!

Thank you for showing up. You didn’t come late at all. Oh, how I love this month, it is the beginning of the season. I love seeing the leaves fall to the ground and all the different colors. It brings back my childhood memories of collecting them and placing them in baskets. And of course, jumping in a pile of leaves, doesn’t get any better than that.


Ever since I was a child, we had a tradition that we would gather around the table and each one of us would tell the Lord what we are thankful for. From this we kids learned to always be thankful. Now that I have my own family we gather around the table and take turns telling the Lord what we are thankful for.

My husband is not a cook but he loves helping me in the kitchen, now if I can keep him from nibbling on the food. I think he helps just so he can be a food taster. Oh, how I love the smell of apple cider, pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie baking. It makes the entire house smell so good.  

Visiting family and friends and going to those little shops while taking in a show at the town theatre. And at night we watch the Christmas lighting shows and drink hot coco. Makes me feel like I am a child all over again.

Now, that I have given you why I love this season share with me what you love about this season? What are you thankful for? Maybe you don’t do no decorating but I bet you can still find something to thank the Lord for.


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