Our Heart Ties

Proverbs 14:33 says Wisdom rests in the heart of one who has understanding, But in the hearts of fools it is made known.

Tug a war is a game in which two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over a central line. When I was a little girl my sisters and I would play this game all the time. It’s one of our most favorite games to play.


The Lord wants our hearts and we play tug of war with the Lord because we aren’t ready to give the Lord total control of our hearts. We might say we are or we might even think that we have but in all honesty we have not. Because if we would have we won’t go and do things on our own like we do.

Tug a war is a game of control that we as humans like to play. We love having control over situations and when we aren’t in control we place our hands on the ropes and start the pulling. Anytime we feel we are threaten we pull even harder, to gain control.

Today I ask you why are you still playing tug of war?


3 thoughts on “Our Heart Ties

    1. Thank you Gwennon, keep me in prayer. Its not alway easy. People want me to either be silent or tune it down. And I refuse to do either. God bless you

  1. Thank you for your kindly words, Desiray. I will be glad to keep you in prayer. People were always telling Jesus to be silent or tone it down, too.

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