MY Lord Jesus Is Amazing..He’s God all By Himself

Lord, why does these things keep happening to me? I try my best to take care of people, I do my best to please you. I try my best to stay away from sin. I take my stand against those who have no respect for your word, I speak the truth and it has cost me more pain then I can or want to count, it has also caused me to lose some family members. I’ve prayed and prayed that those relationships be restored and yet they are still distance.

I have forgiven every person who has said anything bad about me those who have done me wrong. I have even prayed that you have mercy upon their soul. But when I look at the world and see how they are I get a little angry. It’s an angry that upsets my stomach. Lord you and I’ve talked about this numerous of times. They don’t know what you have deposited in me. They don’t understand why I have seek after righteousness. They don’t understand why I get worked up over the injustice that I see.

Why does the world try me over and over all the time? At every hand my enemies try to break me, they try so hard to get a reaction out of me. The fight gets hard the battle is long and the clouds get darken. I am washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ; nothing can harm me. Yes, the enemies try but they can’t stop me. I fall at times and you reach down to give me your hand and I get right back on track. Lord it’s your peace that you give me that strength and awakens me.

They judge me my the dirt that they see on face and my clothes, they see how my dirty my knees are ashy and that my hair is not neat. They think I’m defeated  but what they don’t know is that this is what happens when you’re praying in the battle. See it doesn’t matter what my outer appearance looks like, it’s what happening on the inside of me that matters. Thank you Jesus for always understanding me when I don’t understand the things that happens.


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