Ungodliness and Corruption of the world.

1 John 5:19 says’ We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.


We will never adequately understand unless we recognize its underlying conviction that Satan is the god of this corrupt world system.

In 1 John , he gives his concluding remarks advising us that if we ask according to His will He hears us and whatever we ask we know that we have what we asked for. John goes on to remind us of how Satan has had a long foothold in the world’s political, culture, economic ad religious system that are inherently hostile toward God and His people. The world is under Satan’s authority and control and the church belongs exclusively to God. For this reason true believers must separate themselves from the ungodliness and corruption of the world.

In the world, God’s people are aliens and strangers, simply passing through on the way to their true home with God. We don’t belong to te world, but are called out from it. As a result they no longer conform to the worlds pattern or love the things of the world. Instead, they despise the world evil die to the world unresponsive to its influences and are liberated from the world. Through a relationship with Christ, God’s people overcome the world and it’s evil.

According to 1 John 2:16 three aspects of the sinful world create ope hostility to God and promote defiance against his word. The cravings of sinful man, this includes spiritual impure and immoral desires and the pursuit of sinful pleasure and sensual gratification, satisfaction in selfish and ungodly ways.

It’s so easy for a Christian to get caught up in the ungodly, especially when you are dealing with issues in your life. But that is not the time for you to admire the ungodly. God cares and loves His children and He will keep your foot from slipping. When it gets hard because it will remember the promises of GOD. Recite them and wear them on your heart. AMEN



One thought on “Ungodliness and Corruption of the world.

  1. I appreciate your post and offer this to build upon it. Christians are indeed aliens to this world system. But we each must determine what type of ‘aliens’. We are NOT ‘illegals’, nor have we filed for ‘permanent residency’. We are merely here on temporary ‘visas’ which will expire when the Lord takes us (through death or His 2nd Coming). In the meantime, we must not be consumed with building private empires here, but laying up treasure in heaven. Jesus gave the ‘secret’ to proper balance of ‘wealth’ – where your treasure is, THERE is where your heart will be. As citizens of the kingdom of God, we must avoid temptations to get too involved in worldly pursuits, yet be ever vigilant in maintaining a godly balance between our real ‘needs’ and mere selfish ‘wants’, while employing the ‘golden rule’ liberally. Peace!

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