My thoughts on the Outcome of the Election

Yesterday was Election day and as the months began I saw one after another drop out and I was nervous. When it came down to the last two candidates Trump and Clinton, my vote was truly up in the air. I didn’t know who to vote for. I prayed and ask the Lord to help me make the right choice. Because I knew who ever I voted for I was going to be held accountable for my vote to God. This election was the most tiring election I have ever witnessed. It will surely go down in history.


The way these two acted towards one another is unprofessional, they never showed good sportsmanship. Yesterday morning as I was preparing to leave out the door I still wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for. When I got to the voting place of my district I stood in line hoping to hear from the Lord. Still I didn’t hear, so when I got my ballot and stood behind the boxed booth I said “Lord, what shall I do and that was when the Lord told me who to vote for.

Like so many people last night who stayed clued to the television I choose not to. I did look at my phone around 8:00 p.m. EST to see what was going on. It wasn’t until late this morning around 2:32 am EST that I saw the scores. I do want to say this, as a Christian this is my point of view and how I feel about the Election Outcome. We have a new President; many are upset about it some are happy but no matter how you feel about it. He is our next President…Now is not the time to cast stones. Because if you think about it, the bible clearly states that man will become lovers of themselves. No man on this earth will ever be able to fix this world. Only Jesus can. Many are worried about our Nation and they have reason to be. But Jesus has already told us in His Word what will happen. Who do you trust Man or GOD?

Me and my family will be lifting him up in prayer because he is going to need it. I can’t harbor ill will feelings in my heart, I pray that God gives him strength to run this country, I pray that God surrounds him with godly leaders to make the right choices for everyone. In the mighty name of Jesus. I also pray that Mr. Trump comes to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.



7 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Outcome of the Election

  1. Beautiful post. I also pray he will be converted. He would be so much happier. Also, I think he is actually going to do what he said he was going to do, which will help the poor. The poor in the U.S. need help. The’ve cut food stamps, they’ve gutted welfare and kept wages so low some people have to work 3 jobs. When I say “they”, I mean both Republicans and Democrats. You can’t keep ignoring poor people forever. They will rise up and rebel, as they have done now.

  2. Excellent sentiments and such a great heart for God, holiness, and people. Thank you, Desiray! You will bring many people closer to Jesus through your writings.

  3. This is truly honest and beautiful! I love how you were sensitive to the Holy Spirit in your voting decision. Also, it is my understanding he accepted Christ before seeking to run. I have observed changes in his character over the past several months, especially in his choice of guidance. Ben Carson, Franklin Grahm, James Dobson and many more Godly men are backing him. I pray for Trump and the entire government. I pray especially for this nation, as it’s so divisive and it’s heart wrenching! Blessings, Crystal

    1. As a Christian it’s my duty to pray for everyone, for none of us are perfect. How can I hold it against him when I have to first look at my own life and see my sins. I do hope that more and more people will pray instead of being so angry. Jesus said we can be angry but don’t sin in your anger and from what I am seeing on the news lots of people are sinning in their anger. That’s what has me so concern.

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