Do you Really Believe that God is in Control of Your life?


4 thoughts on “Do you Really Believe that God is in Control of Your life?

  1. My experience as a regular tither has produced perpetual proof of God’s divine provision. The tithe is a CONDITIONAL promise of God (unlike His UNCONDITIONAL love by grace). But as I have experienced, the best way to prove to YOURSELF that God is true to His Word is to give (you can never out give God) because his plan for ALL life involves RECIPROCITY. To answer “Do you Really Believe that God is in Control of Your life?” the best practical way to give control of your life to God is to GIVE Him control of your finances. Not as a religious exercise, but as a vital part of your regular habit. It should be as instant in process as breathing is necessary to the heart’s function in our body. When you determine to allow tithing to be automatic, definitely your ‘beliefs’ become reality as God indeed is in control. Conversely, if you withhold, you reap what you sow. Sow nothing – reap nothing. Sow bad seed – reap the whirlwind. But since our lives seemingly depend upon financial transactions, making sure that your 1st one is with the Lord, not only puts RECIPROCITY into motion, it proves to yourself that you are really trusting GOD. Put your money where your heart is!

    1. I am so glad you spoke about tithe because me and my husband tithe and God has been blessing us in ways we can’t even explain. Money has been coming out of no where and people have been blessing us. When God says tithe and see that He won’t open up the windows of heaven that we won’t have room enough to receive, He means that thing.Hubby and I get excited every week when we get paid so that we can give God our tithes on Sunday’s . It’s like give God and watch and see what God does. Just this week Sprint sent my husband an email saying that they are giving us hundred dollars back to us because we’ve been with them for a year. And you know what company will give you money back? About a month ago my directv ebilled me a bill saying I owed them four hundred and sixty dollars. The first time I spoke with them about the bill they argued with me telling me I had to pay it. During that time I left it in God’s hands because I wasn’t going to pay for services that I didn’t use. Well needless to say yesterday when I called them to pay what I do owe they told me that I didn’t have to pay the four hundred and sixty dollars because they made a mistake. See it’s God all the way! Pay tithes and God blesses. Me and my husband knows all to well what tithing is all about. And we will always give God His tithe before we pay any bills.

      1. What a great report! e could surely fill the entire internet with real-life testimonies of God’s miraculous provision in response to tithing. We’ve been faithful tithers for over 40 years & in that time we’ve opened cupboards to find $50 stuffed into cups unexpectedly, NEVER discovering how or why. Hundreds of similar ‘little miracles’ have perpetually blessed us throughout. It is never a question of “does God want?” – it is always a question of “what do you want?” God said. “Do this, and,,,” – those who have heeded the call, have reaped incredible benefits – the greatest of which, is KNOWING God is in control! Blessed assurance, Jesus is ours!

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